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Author 21" sub + box for sale!!!!!!! (29 posts)
11/7/04 18:03 - Quote
yeah, pretty sure that is the free air resonance..aka Fs
11/7/04 18:12 - Quote
BTW, how you guys liking that bad boy? loud?
11/7/04 18:46 - Quote

On 2004-11-07 18:12, AVINO wrote:
BTW, how you guys liking that bad boy? loud?

We haven't had *much* chance to use it without an amp or a crossover. I just picked up a Crown Com-Tech 200 from eBay for a respectable price. (

Next stop, a 2 channel Ashly Crossover modded by the factory for 16Hz-800Hz crossover points. ( )
11/7/04 19:29 - Quote
nice! it's gonna blow you away where do you have it? in a capstone apt? I know you said you had it standing on it's front. I'm interested to see how it sounds like that. Might be interesting to have the speaker face the wall, with like 4-6 inches between the enclosure and the wall. it would couple with the wall, and shake EVERYTHING!
2/8/05 09:42 - Quote
This was from when we first got everything together and set up. We didn't have an amp yet but my friend Teddy Crone let me borrow one and a crossover, so we had a movie night.
The current setup. It is facing the wall. I prefer it facing out, but its a bitch to turn around in such a small area.
Amp world. I think Kern is buying the XR1000 from me. The Klipsch Heresys I have sound better with the full range to them. The SC70 sounds much better with the sub anyway. The Crown is bridged into the sub, which provides it about 300 watts on a regular basis. I bought the compressor PIP module so I don't destroy the sub.
The future of our HT setup.

The box for the sub is way the fuck too big for the house. Mike doesn't want to lay it down and set it up for stadium seating because it takes away from the social atmosphere of the room. I'm going to build it a 2 1/2 foot cube with two ports on the front and see how it sounds. I might not even have to buy new MDF..

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2/8/05 11:39 - Quote
run the specs of the sub through a good design program like winlsd to make sure that it will actually do what you want it to in that size box. If you just throw something together, chances are that it is going to sound crap tastic. That is a big woofer, and it needs a big box! (not that 15 cubic feet isn't big) play with some modeling programs before you cut apart that box!
6/8/07 20:06 - Quote
Looks like it's back on the market! (and retaining its value!)

How funny is that?!
2/22/11 09:20 - Quote
I miss this sub. I was thinking about it today and wanted a picture so I looked it up.
2/22/12 17:16 - Quote
One year ago today....
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