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Author RIP mailbox (4 posts)
5/6/08 20:08 - Quote
Just as I'm about to win Bowser's Castle in Mario Kart I hear a knock on the door. It ends up being the guy whose truck rolled over my mailbox...

Apparently he pulled into the driveway across the street and left the engine running with the parking brake on. The brake failed and the truck rolled down the driveway, across the street, over my mailbox and into my tree. He said he's going to fix it, but we'll see.

I liked that mailbox too
5/12/08 20:45 - Quote
Could have been worse, could have missed the mailbox, the tree and hit your house FTL.
5/13/08 10:42 - Quote
it could have been worse, the neighbors could have asked if they could have a tall tall tree of yours cut down because they have been brainwashed by direct tv that its blocking their signal and then promise to give you the wood for firewood but then you come home to a message on your answering machine that says we might have misjudged the tree and it was too tall when the rest was cut off and thats why the side of your shed is now missing. Oh and no firewood for you either, we took that away already. Oh and we left a 2 foot stump in the ground because we are jackasses.
5/13/08 20:11 - Quote
Damn, I just have birds living in my roof.

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