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Author Still up?? Amazing!!!! (12 posts)
2/17/15 22:20 - Quote
I was purging old files off my computer (backups upon backups) and ran across an old website I built...... with a link to this site!

Hope all is well everyone!
~Phil Haberek
4/19/15 13:28 - Quote
I thought the point of having backups was you don't get rid of them. I think what's more amazing is you remembered your username/password.

good to hear from you
8/26/15 21:44 - Quote
Awwww shizzy, I still remembered my password too.

Good times, good times.
11/6/15 16:45 - Quote
oh snap, I remember my password too, and apparently still click this bookmark once in a while.
9/20/16 02:26 - Quote
oh shit look what I found in 1password
10/5/16 11:15 - Quote
Hello everyone, jacob here, i recently registered to this group .
3/11/17 05:27 - Quote
6/3/17 17:13 - Quote
7/21/17 17:18 - Quote
Maybe we can get an update of the emojis? Just kidding Joe.
10/8/18 16:53 - Quote
Hilarious that I ran across "evil server" from a document I was reading and remembered this URL. Truly amazing that it is still up (and that I remembered my login creds). We used to play Quake 2 together -- I was PyR3X lol.
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