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Author 21" sub + box for sale!!!!!!! (29 posts)
6/16/04 10:16 - Quote
I talked to avino..and he didnt know who makes MCM's speakers...but you can probably call and ask. But he also knew that it was 250 watts RMS and 800 watts peak.
6/16/04 10:31 - Quote
Here are the specs on the speaker itself:



Size 21.000 IN RMS Watts 200
Mount Length Peak Watts 800
Mount Width 22.560 IN Frequency Rsp 18HZ - 2KHZ
Mount Depth 9.530 IN Imp/Ohm 8.00
Cutout Diam 19.880 IN SPL (db) 96.00
Free Air 25.00 HZ

Magnet Weight 130.000 / OZ QES .717
Magnet Diameter / QMS 3.931
Voice Coil Diam 4.000 / IN QTS .606
VAS 48.700 CF
Cone Material TP TREATED PAPE RE 7.000 OH
Surround Material FB FABRIC XMAX 4.800 MM

so 200 watts RMS, 800 Peak. I built the box tuned to about 34 hz, so it really works awesome for home theater duty. Don't be discouraged by the low RMS rating. It is a very efficient speaker, so it uses those watts well. Like Joe said, we had it hooked up to 150 watts on a dc300a and it blurred your vision. This is due to the large VAS, which is the amount of air it displaces when pushed out. A good plate amp can be purchased from We used the 250 watt one at one point, and it worked great!

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6/19/04 10:25 - Quote
whatever the case, be assured that this thing fucking pounds.

and at 250 it is afooking steal!
6/19/04 17:16 - Quote
If I had a house, I'd buy it in a flash. Oh man
-- pimpy
9/23/04 00:11 - Quote

I discovered the password recover feature, so I'm back. Tech Crew recently paid me for Orientation, so I'm more than ready and able to purchase said subwoofer from you. Who should I make the check out to, and when can we arrange a transfer?
9/23/04 21:21 - Quote
you can make it out to Joe Motherfucking Reid. And you can pick it up any time you want. I moved 2 miles away from where the reunion

45 Emmons Dr.
Rochester, NY 14618
9/29/04 03:19 - Quote
Have you ever cashed a check before that was made to "Joe Motherfuckin Reid" and if so, what does the bank teller say (if it isn't the ATM).

If you haven't, you should cash this one in person.
9/29/04 09:19 - Quote
I was seriously tempted to write that.. but I think the bank would shit a brick about it.
9/29/04 14:47 - Quote
they probably would. I also accept cash... so when do you wanna do this?
11/7/04 17:40 - Quote
Avino, I understand all the specs you posted earlier except one: Free Air. Is that the resonance frequency of the driver (Fs)?
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