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Author Mario Kart Wii (12 posts)
5/2/08 18:32 - Quote
Awesome game! Friend me and we can race:

5/5/08 19:31 - Quote
I don't have Mario Kart, but if I friend you can we play tennis against each other or mario party?
5/6/08 20:02 - Quote
You can only play online with games that support the wi-fi connction which include:

- Mario Kart Wii
- Guitar Hero 3
- Mario Strikers Charged
- and others...

You should check out Mario Kart though, it's pretty awesome.
5/8/08 13:59 - Quote
damn you... I REALLY want Mario Kart but I don't have a Wii. I keep convincing myself NOT to buy it. I've been to best buy 3 times in the last 2 days and have forced myself to keep walking.

I don't even know how much. All I know is somewhere around $300. + game + ??
5/9/08 07:26 - Quote
Speaking of Nintendo

5/9/08 11:06 - Quote
OMG that was amazing! Rachelle actually knows the lyrics to that tetris song.

Humpy you should get a wii, you know you want it! They're $249 and the games are like $50. Some re-released games like Resident Evil 4 (my personal favorite for Wii so far) are even cheaper at like $27ish. You could also put a modchip in it like a wiikey which'll enable you to download games for free play burned backups of your legitimately purchased games to keep them in pristine condition.
5/9/08 11:16 - Quote
while we're on the subject, the 150cc level is REALLY tough. For those who don't know, MK is broken up into "classes": 50cc, 100cc and 150cc. In previous games I think the only difference was the speed at which you go, but in this game it's so much harder. All the characters are way more aggressive and will do everything they can to put you in last place.

Imagine getting being in first place, the finish line in sight just ahead, then you get hit with a winged shell (goes after the person in first place), a few red shells (heat seeking), a POW block (makes you spin out), ink squirted in your face by a blooper and then hit by lightning (makes you spin out, shrink and go slow as balls) all in the matter of a couple of seconds. You go from 1st to last in the blink of an eye, it's infuriating.
5/9/08 14:46 - Quote
Steve bought an Xbox 360 shortly before we found out I was pregnant. He was glad he got it then since it wouldn't be practical to buy one now. But....he's been talking about getting a Wii and as much as I'd like one, I had been trying to convince him we should spend the money elsewhere (like updating our windows or maybe repaving the crappy driveway - too practical, I know). Now though.... he said the other day that "Aidan will want to play Mario Kart, you can't deny him that"! Haha - he's almost 3 weeks old and he's already using him as an excuse to buy a Wii.

So I have a feeling in the next couple of months we'll have a Wii
5/9/08 16:50 - Quote
nice excuse! If I were going to buy another console, it would be an xbox 360. I'm really hoping they release grand theft auto 4 for wii, but I doubt it'll happen.
5/9/08 20:48 - Quote
Who knows, if this game can make it to the Wii, I don't see why GTA IV wouldn't...
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