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Author Dead dog? Try cloning him! (3 posts)
5/22/08 08:48 - Quote

I don't remember exactly, but I think this sort of thing didn't work out so well in The Sixth Day
5/22/08 12:57 - Quote
I find it interesting that they say it's easier to clone a human then an animal.

Also they they require a $250k line of credit/assets.
5/22/08 15:38 - Quote
"One notable exception is CC, the world's first cat clone. CC had coat colorings that differed from those of Rainbow, her genetic donor, a calico. However, due to an effect known as X-linked inactivation, the clones of calico cats will always look different from their donors. However, in any other breed of cat, and all breeds of dog, a clone should look like the identical twin of its genetic donor."

So what happens when there is some other x-linked trait that makes cujo go crazy and rip your face off?

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