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Author The Dark Knight (5 posts)
7/22/08 10:23 - Quote
Rachelle and I saw this yesterday and it was awesome!!!1 Has anyone else seen it yet?
7/22/08 13:55 - Quote
Cliff and I went to see it Saturday night. It was worth the nine bucks Heath Ledger was truly disturbing as the joker. I did not think he was going to live up to the hype but he most certainly did.

Did you catch the Watchmen trailer????
I cannot wait for that to come out. If its done right it should be friggin awesome.
7/22/08 19:17 - Quote
He totally lived up to the hype, he was a terrific villain. Before this movie, the original 1989 version was my favorite of the whole franchise, but this one is now my fav.

I'm just so glad they got away from the retarted-funny-hoho-oneliner format they used for most of the non-Bale movies.

I've been saying for years that they need to take a more adult line with these movies and make them way more violent and real and skip all the foofoo kids stuff. They're finally getting it.

I am psyched about the Watchmen movie, but I got more excited when the I saw the trailer for the new Terminator movie.
7/28/08 09:11 - Quote
Dude, Dark Knight was freaking awesome.

Loved it.

T4 makes me happy in pants

As does many good flicks!

8/1/08 12:01 - Quote
John and I saw this at the Drive-in on opening night with a big group of kids. I think most of the kids were uninterested but we really liked it. It was soooo awesome! Except for ugly Maggie Gyllanhaal. Like anyone really thinks she's hot.

I also can't wait to see Watchmen and the new James Bond movie.
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