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Author lazy cop (3 posts)
7/23/08 18:34 - Quote
So Rachelle and I were in Webster tonight eating dinner and on the way back to the car we walked across Main St. in a crosswalk. As we're in the middle of the road (right next to a big sign that says "state law - yield to pedestrians in crosswalk") a guy flies past and doesn't stop. There was a cop behind him who did stop...but the cop didn't pull over the guy who didn't stop! bah
7/24/08 14:31 - Quote
well if the cop didnt stop wouldnt he have hit you?
7/25/08 05:45 - Quote
well not really, we had stopped in the middle of the street for the last guy. After we crossed he caught up the the first guy pretty fast, but he never pulled him over.

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