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Author External Hard drive (13 posts)
9/9/08 07:42 - Quote
So I need an external hard drive and I don't want to spend a crap load of money. I've been looking at some westin ones at but I'm not sure how to tell if I'm looking at a good one. The reviews on most of the external drives seem to be mixed. Some people love them, others hate them.

Does anyone have a decent size/price one they can recommend that has some longevity?

9/9/08 11:16 - Quote
What are you planning to use it for? It's purpose will effect how much space you need which will impact the final price.

If you're just backing up a few topless cell phone pics you can probably get away with a really cheap USB memory stick. But if you're backing up all of the raw footage for your "never to be released" sex tape you'll probably need something a bit larger.
9/9/08 13:25 - Quote
From what I see here at work I would def suggest an enclosure with a fan. Ive seen too many without fan just die. Also Im sure some of us could just buy a nice drive and put it in a nice enclosure for cheaper than you can get it in the stores..... I would say 500GB would be a good starting place. Maxtor, Western Digital are going to be your top players. I would not recommend IOMagic.
9/9/08 14:54 - Quote
Basically I have a 40GB hard drive on my lap top and right now 38GB is being used by music files. I kind of want the external hard drive to be the place I rip CDs to and stuff so that I can leave the hard drive in the computer open for other stuff.
9/10/08 05:24 - Quote
LaCie is what I have. They recommended it at school. So it may be overkill for your needs. But mine is great.
9/10/08 06:30 - Quote
What kind of inputs does your laptop have? Do you have USB 2.0 or Firewire 400/800?
9/10/08 08:15 - Quote
Only USB 2.0

I wish I had firewire. I had a huge issue trying to edit a video for a class last semester because I couldn't hook the camera up to my laptop to get the video off because I didn't have a firewire connection.
9/10/08 11:03 - Quote
Manda ended up getting a drive that supported both USB and firewire so she could use it at home (USB) and at school (firewire). Is that something you'd need?
9/10/08 11:51 - Quote
No. Maybe sometime in the future but that would be after I got a new computer and got a video camera (I had been using my parents). So at this point, nothing I own has firewire or requires it.

Here is one that I am looking at Western Digital.

Also, in my original when I said "westin" i meant western digital. I like to invent product names.
9/10/08 16:22 - Quote
I looked around and I can't find any better deals for you. I think the one you picked looks like a good choice.
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