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Author External Hard drive (13 posts)
9/11/08 05:01 - Quote
I'm also in the market for a usb hard drive. I made one a couple years ago from a $10 enclosure from ebay and a 250gb drive I had at work. It died less than a year later, probably because it lacked a fan.

One thing to keep in mind is the portability. They make ones you have to plug in (to the wall). If this is going with a laptop, make sure you get one that can be fully powered by the laptop (you only need to plug in the usb cable to get it to work.

I also have a small travel one I use for carting big files to and from work (dvds and wii games to burn), and it requires 2 usb ports! It's super annoying.
9/12/08 08:34 - Quote
Excellent. That is what I went with. I also got a Trendnet wireless router. It was only $21 no shipping, no tax. I don't recognize the name but it's both b and g so I figured it would be ok. Oh, that is right. We're finally getting internet at our house. Woooo!

Does anyone know the name Trendnet?
9/12/08 10:24 - Quote
Yeah I got about 10 Trendnet usb->802.11g wireless adapters from CDW this summer for some desktops at work. They seem to work well, and they were way cheaper than than anything else.

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